Project Management with JIRA

Support for agile planning, detailed backlogs, powerful dashboards, custom workflows, and intuitive search are just a few of the reasons thousands of development teams around the world are managing projects in JIRA. JIRA has a vast body of add-ons for specific project management functions, like resource planning, team organization, and agile development. With JIRA add-ons you can:

  • Use a real life cork board for agile planning with cards created from JIRA issues
  • Connect issues to Gantt charts and view them in your JIRA dashboard
  • View and manage project teams, making JIRA your team's information hub
  • Increase your project's development speed with clearly defined tasks and workflows

Agile Cards

Agile Cards for JIRA bridges your JIRA-based product and project management for teams whose Agile collaboration practices require physical representation of work items as post-its or cards. You can easily define the content and print cards from JIRA and GreenHopper. You can even import them back to JIRA! By dealing with physical cards, your planning sessions become more interactive and effective, your progress more palpable and transparent, your daily stand-ups more meaningful, and your bottlenecks revealed earlier.

JIRA Gantt-Chart

Frank Polscheit's Gantt-Chart Add-on for JIRA helps project managers visualize how project tasks and versions are interrelated. In complex environments, some tasks rely on the completion of others–Gantt charts reveal the hidden dependencies of JIRA issues. The resource planning view provides transparency for effective resource allocation. Automatically reschedule issues by moving a chart item or card in GreenHopper. Project manager? View Gantt charts in a project tab panel or dashboard gadget.

Project Team

Project Team is all about finding out who's who and doing what in your projects. By quickly displaying project members and their roles, new team members can integrate faster and easier. The advanced configuration settings and fine grained permissions provide JIRA administrators and project managers with the necessary tools for controlling what data about each team member are displayed. While this add-on is useful for any team, it becomes essential for large, geographically distributed teams.