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Gain a competitive edge by improving the collaboration between UX and engineering

Whether you are iterating on an initial wireframe or finalizing an entire website using high fidelity mockups, there are many ways to review, approve and develop great user experiences by integrating popular design tools with Atlassian.

Why design tools are essential to agile development

Great design provides the competitive edge in driving business success. By connecting design tools like Adobe Illustrator, InVision and Sketch to Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, the design workflow becomes seamlessly integrated into the agile process.

Design tools use cases

  • Attach designs to Jira issues and Confluence pages to remove the file hunt
  • Speed up development with included specs, assets and guides directly within the file
  • Ensure version control with automatic updates
  • Work in your tool of choice with two way information sharing
  • Annotate and provide feedback on a design directly in the Jira ticket

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