Monitoring apps for DevOps teams

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Bring your DevOps team together with operations and performance management solutions for Jira, Bitbucket and more

Keep your services running smoothly with these apps for application, network, error, infrastructure, and database monitoring.

Resolve issues before your customers find them

Operating a piece of critical infrastructure requires keeping an eye on your applications, networks, databases and stacks. Connecting Jira, Bitbucket, and HipChat to your monitoring solutions with apps from Atlassian Marketplace can help you get insights into the health of your systems and code, and resolve issues faster when they arise. Bringing your DevOps teams together is easy with monitoring apps.

Monitoring use cases

  • Easily connect and integrate directly with Splunk, Nagios, New Relic, Zabbix and more
  • Create Jira tickets automatically, complete with critical details and links, from problems detected
  • Get automatic alerts with key details directly in Hipchat rooms
  • See real time status, with root cause identification and link, directly in Jira
  • Monitor Bitbucket code with the tools you use today

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