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Find apps from companies that support Pledge 1%, a global movement that inspires companies of all sizes and stages to use their assets to be a force for good.

Atlassian proudly co-founded Pledge 1%, a global movement inspiring companies to utilize their resources for positive change. The apps in this collection are exclusively from these visionary companies committed to creating value for society, employees, customers, and the planet.

Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% encourages companies to allocate resources for social good. Pledge 1% members prioritize positively impacting society and the environment by committing 1% of equity, profit, employee time, and products.

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How are these contributions made?

Pledge 1% companies have the flexibility to contribute 1% of various resources, including:

  • Equity: Companies can pledge 1% of their equity, with methods varying by region.
  • Profit: 1% of company profit can be pledged, with companies deciding on management and distribution.
  • Time: Volunteer time falls under this category, enabling employees to shape their contribution, often supported by paid volunteering leave.
  • Product: Companies can dedicate 1% of their product for free initiatives, such as pro-bono services for nonprofits or donated products as deemed appropriate.

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