Charts and diagrams to share the big picture

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Collaborate on diagrams, flowcharts, roadmaps, and org charts (including Visio and XSD Viewer) directly in Jira, Confluence, and more

Create hundreds of diagram types from systems architecture and deployment processes to workflow charts and site maps using templates and objects to suit any team.

Why chart and diagram tools are essential to agile development

Being able to quickly create and collaborate on complex concepts and ideas is essential to exceeding customer demand. Chart and diagram tools help improve comprehension and decision making by visualizing and structuring ideas and processes. Embedding diagrams in Jira tickets and Confluence pages helps the team quickly find the latest version of the most pertinent details.

Charts & diagrams use cases

  • Define and implement software systems using UML to create reusable components
  • Create entity relationship diagrams to describe database entities, attributes and relationships
  • Visualize interdependencies to improve decision making
  • Use standard formats like Visio, PNG, and SVG so everyone can contribute

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