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Build, test, and manage your software projects with ease

Connect essential DevOps tools to help your team increase productivity with custom automations, integrated test management, and quick code review without leaving Jira.

Further customize Jira for the unique needs and structure of your team

Improve productivity across teams with apps that extend the functionality of Jira and Bitbucket. Atlassian Marketplace apps can help automate tasks, integrate testing, and add analysis into each iteration or phase of the agile software development process.

Use cases for apps for software teams

  • Enhance sprint planning with apps to keep track of projects with visibility into project roadmaps and timelines
  • Track real-time development activity on all of your Jira issues
  • Access code quickly by syncing related commits, branches, and pull requests to a project in Jira
  • Build powerful dashboards with apps and improve team performance based on real-time, visual data

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