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Collaborate in real time in any document from anywhere

Increase your productivity and efficiency by seamlessly integrating documents and shared folders directly into your team workflows.
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Any file, anywhere, just a click away

Staying organized and maintaining a single source of truth can be difficult, and moving faster means more files in different formats spread across multiple locations. Atlassian's document management apps make it easy to access and collaborate on shared documents, storage folders, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs and more to cut down on wasted search time and get to the point faster.

Document management use cases

  • Easily connect and integrate directly with Office 365, Google Suite, and more
  • Streamline file sharing and document storage with apps for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Collaborate in real-time while maintaining a single source of truth
  • Integrate documents, shared folders, reports, forms and more directly into your workflows
  • Speed delivery with rich visual context through images, GIFs, and videos

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