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The ability to integrate a time tracking tool directly into Jira allows developers to focus on code, not process.

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Why time tracking is essential to agile software development

Agile software development is a structured and iterative approach to project management and product development. One of the easiest ways to approach agile resource planning is to implement a time tracking tool that removes the burden of tracking on developers and provides product managers and engineering leads visibility into the progress of each stage of development.

Time tracking in Jira enables a number of different functions including automating invoicing and payment process for contractors or customers and providing visibility into resource allocation across teams, while removing the burden from your customer.

Time tracking use cases

Some popular use cases of time tracking tools for Jira include the ability to:

  • Record time spent on each issue
  • Create timesheets or invoices for clients and customers
  • Generate visualizations on how teams spend their time
  • Assign work in Jira as necessary based on real-time reporting
  • Integrate with other planning and time tracking tools (such as excel, Google Drive, etc.)

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