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The next step in our commitment to a trustworthy ecosystem

Trust, security, and privacy are critical pillars of any cloud offering and are cornerstones of the relationship between Atlassian customers and our third-party Marketplace app partners. The new Cloud Security Participant badge identifies any app that has undergone additional security measures. Today, this includes cloud apps enrolled in the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program, a first of its kind that allows ecosystem partners to crowdsource vulnerability discoveries through a pool of talented security researchers. The new Cloud Security Participant badge will evolve over time to include more rigorous testing and industry-standard security assessments like CAIQ-Lite.

Rely on continuous security testing

Atlassian has a best-in-class Marketplace Bug Bounty Program to up-level security and trust for all Marketplace apps. Participating Marketplace Partners mitigate security risks by rewarding security researchers who discover and triage security vulnerabilities on a continual basis.


  • Unifying information across platforms like payment systems, office planning and talent management tools to reduce context-switching.
  • Leveraging machine learning techniques like image classification, natural language processing, and voice recognition to surface insights and automate tasks.
  • Automating privacy controls, signature requirements, and other checks to ease the burden of compliance requirements.

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