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Atlassian Verified
Awnaba Software S.L. is a young company that endeavours to produce high quality software and provide excellent support to its customers. It has been founded by people with more than twenty years experience in software development, who were involved for several years in supporting development tools and processes for 2,000 users, with products like JIRA, Subversion, Maven, JUnit, Testlink, etc. Based on this experience, our focus is on software engineering and tools that help developers to improve quality and productivity.

Add-ons by Awnaba Software S.L.

Project Configurator for JIRA

by Awnaba Software S.L.Atlassian Verified
Awnaba Software S.L. is an Atlassian Verified vendor.
for JIRA Server
Supported by Awnaba Software S.L.
Data Center
This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

Project Configurator can move a project with its issues and attachments to other JIRA instance in a few clicks. Or only the project configuration, keeping issue data in the target instance. Handles workflows, custom fields, schemes, Agile boards...