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Requirement Yogi


A satisfying green mark

When a document is signed, we display a green mark at the top, so you always know whether you're working on the right version.

Send requests

Tell stakeholders or employees they are expected to sign a document and track who opens the link. Requests can be sent to groups or individuals.

Track viewers

In addition to tracking signatures, the list says who has seen the page among those who were sent a link

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Do not purchase this add-on. This add-on will be removed from the Atlassian Marketplace. See this announcement and alternatives: ComalaWorkflows, Page Approval.

-- Description --

This is a very straightforward approval add-on: It adds a "Sign Off" button at the top of the page, so your stakeholders can sign off on your documents.

There are 2 modes:

  • Sign-off: It displays a list of signatures. If someone updates the page again, old signatures appear as outdated, and they link to the history version of the page.
  • Requests: Send a request to groups or individuals, and you can track individually who has seen and who has signed the page. Also, a prominent button says "Signature Requested" for users who are expected to sign.


  • This can help improving the commitment of your client by enforcing an approval workflow,
  • This can be used by a CEO to check the all employees have seen a new policy.

Are you using sign-off for specifications? Check out Requirement Yogi.

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