Dashboard Folders for Jira

for Jira Server 8.1.1 - 9.14.0, Jira Data Center 8.1.1 - 9.14.0 and more
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Grouped Dashboards with Cascading Menus for Easy Navigation

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Restrict dashboard permissions

Jira admins can restrict specific user groups from creating and customising dashboards.

Automatically push dashboards to users

Share folders to specific user groups. Users will see dashboards if folders are shared to them without the need to mark as favourite.

Cascading menu for dashboards

Access dashboards conveniently anywhere in Jira. Without the clutter.

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Possible Use Cases

  • Too many favourite dashboards
    • Helps users who created a lot of dashboards or marked a lot of dashboards as their favourites
  • Hierarchical dashboards
    • Group dashboards by relevance so that it's easier for user to find the dashboard they need
  • Pushing dashboard to users
    • Seeing a centralised list of dashboards for users with the same permission
  • Restricting dashboard creation
    • Restrict specific user groups from creating and customising dashboards

This app addresses the following feature requests:

You can also use Menu Gadgets and Canned Search Gadget for seamless navigation to access your reports and issues.

Kindly read our 1.2.0 release notes for the Data Center compatibility update.

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