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Make your work flow → New Validators, Conditions and Post Functions for great workflows

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Essential Validators & Conditions

Require fields on transition screens, validate the status of linked issues, compare fields with each other, implement smart approval workflows and much more...

Great new Post Functions

Create new linked issues and copy data automatically, transition linked issues, sub-tasks or epics, copy field values between issues, set & merge field values...

Create new issues with templates & default values

Define templates or simple default values for system and custom fields on the create issue / create sub-task screen. Create templates for bugs and user stories.

More details

Over 30 powerful Validators, Conditions and Post Functions will enable you to implement great custom workflows with ease.

Highlights for Validators and Conditions:

  • Require mandatory fields on transition screens
  • Compare fields
  • Regular Expression Validator
  • Validate status of linked issues, sub-tasks or parent
  • Verify field values changed on transition
  • Validate parent issue type
  • Check if current user is set (or not-set) in a field

Highlights Post Functions:

  • Create a new linked issue or sub-task automatically on transition
  • Copy field values to sub-task, parent or linked issue
  • Update, set, clear or merge field values
  • Add watchers via custom field
  • Add comments
  • Workflow gateway to automatically transition issues

Define default values / templates for issue fields on the Create transition

Built in third-party support for migrations:

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Make fields required. Supports custom and many system fields. Marks fields with red asterisk just like globally required fields.