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This add-on isn't formally supported, but you can ask a question via Atlassian Answers.

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Allows users to view and edit the underlying storage format

Opening source editor

Usage of confluence source editor


When the plugin is installed and enabled on your Confluence site, users will see the new source editor button <> in the editor toolbar.

The source editor is ideal for viewing and editing macro parameters, link URLs, image names and more, fixing editor formatting errors, searching and replacing macro parameters and link urls.

Access to the Source Editor may be restricted to specific groups by the system administrator.

Pricing overview

This add-on is free for download instances.

You may download and install it using the Universal Plugin Manager inside of your Atlassian application.

This add-on is not available for OnDemand.

You can browse available OnDemand add-ons here.

User reviews

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by Jim Birch on 29 Aug 2013
For occasional use, but exceptionally useful at those times!
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by Paul D. Walker on 31 Jul 2013
I recommend confluence because it avoids the horrible wiki markup syntax that most people are just not capable of using easily. Sometimes.... This plugin will allow you to fix up things that the rich editor is incapable of doing. It's a very useful plugin to have on your system. Recommended!
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by Brett A Creech on 07 Mar 2013
Why is Source Editor not available on a brand new page?
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Vendor response

There's some technical limitations with handling of links when converting to storage form when a page is still a draft.

by Adam Jacobson on 14 Mar 2014
Useful, but not for global templates (blueprints). Breaks them if the template contains a variable placeholder.
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by Martin Reed on 03 Mar 2014
Is the link to the Documentation ever going to be fixed. It always goes to a "Page Not Found".
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Free add-on FAQ

Good news! This add-on is free.


Confluence Source Editor isn't formally supported.

Release notes

version 1.1.2Confluence 5.0 - 5.4.4

Fixed in this release


  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
  3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Locate Confluence Source Editor via search. Results include add-on versions compatible with your Confluence instance.
  5. Click Install to download and install your add-on.
  6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

To find older Confluence Source Editor versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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