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Experiments released into the world! Atlassian Labs holds unsupported add-ons, and personal projects by Atlassian developers. Although you may find unique and highly useful functionality in the Atlassian Labs add-ons, Atlassian takes no responsibility for your use of these add-ons. The add-ons are often developed in conjunction with Atlassian hack-a-thons and ShipIt Days, but are provided to you completely “as-is”, with all bugs and errors, and are not supported by Atlassian. Unless licensed otherwise by Atlassian, the Atlassian Labs add-ons are subject to Section 11 of the Atlassian Customer Agreement [] and are “No-Charge Products” as defined therein.


Cloud developers are encouraged to comply with Atlassian authentication and data storage guidelines. Vendors may also participate in the cloud security program, but this vendor does not.

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