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for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.6.0 - 8.20.2, Jira Data Center 8.6.0 - 8.20.2 and more
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🏆 JWT - the best rated & complete automation solution for Jira. Limitless customization of workflows without the need to code

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Turn ideas into workflows: without code or scripts

Extend workflows with powerful post functions and use conditional logic supporting Jira Expressions to meet advanced requirements and dependencies when creating, transitioning and updating issues and fields.

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Easy configuration for all skill levels

Intuitive guided configuration with built-in examples, auto-complete & easy testing, and an in-app function reference in one place with your issue's core data and historic values at your fingertips.

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Control Jira transitions: conditions & validators

Control the availability of transitions and check for field values or dependencies on linked issues or subtasks. Enforce setting fields during a transition or evaluate math formulas with Jira expressions.

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Need workflows that really match your processes?

Try the best rated Jira workflow app to solve even the most complex requirements you and your team might come up with.

⚡️ Level up your workflows to dismiss repetitive and manual work

🏆 Be a workflow champ

  • Access all issue data with field codes, even data not directly accessible via the UI.
  • Configure your workflows with dropdowns for selecting fields, data, and functions like subtasks() and count().
  • Get started with built-in examples and an extensive in-app handbook.
  • Test expressions against any issue and preview the output in real-time.
  • Monitor workflow executions and changes made in detail in the audit log.

🚦 Control your transitions


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Integration Details

Jira Workflow Toolbox integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Administer the host application
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application


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