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for Confluence Server 7.15.0 - 8.6.2 and more
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Send emails to Confluence to create pages, blogs, comments, attachments. Workflow automation, empower users

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Create Pages, Blogs, Attachments with EMail

Conceptual representation of sending an email to Confluence which creates content in the form of a page or blog with attachments

Pages, Blogs and content go to where you want

Each page can have its own email address (though this is not required and there are many ways to route pages to the right location in your wiki)

Simple administration screen

Simple admin screen to point at your Confluence's email account

More details

Allow users or workflows to send emails to any page on the server to create new pages, add comments to existing pages, append and prepend content in an existing page, add attachments, and add blog posts.

If used with a Google Mail account or other server which supports email plus address aliasing, then each Confluence page has its own email address (even if it doesn't yet exist) via the single account. However, any email system will work. There are several ways to specify content destinations (pages/comments/blogs). System default uses the email subject as the page name, or insert a 'command tag' into the email to tell it what to do, like what page to create and where. Add labels to pages/blogs via email.

Use the "Email to this Page..." menu item in the "..." page menu to get email addresses for operations like adding a comment to the page.

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