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AI Feedback Analyzer - Smart Insights for Smart Decisions

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Automated Feedback Categorization

Leveraging OpenAI's ChatGPTAI technology, AIFA automatically categorizes feedback, enabling quick and efficient data analysis. This feature saves time and allows you to focus on the key aspects of your project.

Intuitive Interface and Simple Workflow

AIFA offers a intuitive user interface, making it easy to sort, filter, and assign statuses to feedback. This makes feedback management transparent and efficient. Integrate the power of artificial intelligence (AI)

Enhanced Communication and Project Management

By introducing statuses for feedback and automating certain processes, AIFA significantly improves team communication and contributes to better project management.

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Genesis of the Idea and Hypothesis:

  • Born out of the need to streamline the feedback management process, AIFA is the answer to the challenges faced by product teams. Is based on the assumption that automating the analysis and management of feedback will speed up and make this process more efficient.

Target Audience:

  • AIFA is primarily aimed at large and medium-sized enterprises that regularly collect and analyze user feedback. It is ideal for feedback analysts and managers who are looking for tools to efficiently manage product.

Expected Benefits:

  • Automation and AI in AIFA bring time savings, improve the quality of feedback analysis, and facilitate product management through an intuitive interface and filtering and sorting features.

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Integration Details

AI Feedback Analyzer integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Read Jira project and issue data, search for issues, and objects associated with issues like attachments and worklogs.
  • Read and write to app storage service