About InLabs

InTENSO - IT Experts provides a wide range of IT solutions for more than 5 million people from 64 countries all over the world. We believe that these people trust us, not only for the reason that we create IT products or provide services, but we are also in the position to support the development of innovative business models, provide continuous growth and operational excellence. Thanks to our efforts: 68 companies from Fortune 500 have optimized their business processes, Ferrari, Warner Bros, SONY, Apple, NASA and many other companies have enhanced their competitiveness on the market, 2200+ companies are actively using our add-ons for Atlassian products and 500+ of our customers have successfully implemented bespoke IT solutions.


Cloud developers are encouraged to comply with Atlassian authentication and data storage guidelines. Vendors may also participate in the cloud security program, but this vendor does not.

See cloud security program



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