Bump Build Number

for Bamboo Data Center 8.1.12 - 9.6.4
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Increase build number

This app allows Bamboo plan administrators to increase the build number for a plan. This can be useful in a number of cases, such as:

  • When a plan is being migrated to a new Bamboo instance
  • When a plan is being used to build a new product or release

To use the app, simply install it and then navigate to the plan configuration page. Under the Build Number section, enter the new build number that you want to assign to the plan. Then, click the Save button.

For REST API use

GET : /rest/bumpBuildNumber/latest/{planKey} - to get next build number PUT: /rest/bumpBuildNumber/latest/{planKey} - to set new build number

body : { "newBuildNumber": "2" }

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