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The Date Macro, for any timezone

Do you work with people in more than one timezone or simply write dates in Confluence that clearly indicate which exact timezone the date is for? Then this is the macro for you! This macro is simple, targeted, and to the point. You put in your date, you put in your time, you put in your timezone of choice and the macro will display that time, in a Confluence page, to everybody that views it. But, unlike the regular macro, it does not just show the same date to everyone. No! It shows them the date in their personal time as configured in their user profile. That means that somebody in Australia would see time in AEST while somebody in New York would see the time in EDT. This app is simply better than the standard date macro in every way. What are you waiting for? Install this app today and never be confused again! Even better yet, this app runs completely on the Atlassian hosted platform, meaning that it will always keep working, just for you.

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