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Quickly visualize ideas & requirements to communicate effectively. Draw prototype, sketch, wireframe, mockup & diagram for any UI

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Quick sketch

Mocky comes with UI/UX mindset first. It provides tools set for prototyping all kinds of applications and devices. Different from Visio, Lucidchart, Gliffy or Draw.io

Embed designs into page as Confluence macro.

Rich builtin and custom components

Mocky has rich collections of components, templates to support working with any UI, flowchart diagrams, business processes.

UML, BPMN and more will be supported soon

Support group and save elements as component for reuse


Manage your designs in hierarchical projects, folders and pages. Design the UI/UX, interface maps and user flows, collaborate on them in real time or asynchronously.

Plan your project, page maps and workflow

More details

Mocky is a powerful tool to draw UI mockups, wireframes and diagrams.

All in Confluence, no need to switch apps, move around different platforms and Confluence.

Mocky comes with following features

  • Create and manage project
  • Intuitive editor to sketch, draw, prototype and design
  • Rich set of components and layouts to draw any UI
  • Exporting
  • Custom components
  • Workflow board
  • Pages map
  • Confluence macro (Coming soon)
  • Collaboration in real-time (Coming soon)
  • Analysis and report (Coming soon)

Mocky is also available for Jira Mocky for Jira

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