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for Confluence Server 6.13.0 - 7.12.5, Confluence Data Center 7.13.0 - 7.16.0 and more
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Motivate your Confluence users to constantly collaborate and contribute

Available badge types

Motivating badges are achievable for the most popular user actions in Confluence and Questions for Confluence. This list will continuously grow with every new version of "Badges for Confluence".

Badge configuration

Badges can be configured in many ways: Change the achievement levels, the badge name, the description and the icons for different badge levels. Deactivate or activate individual badges to meet your requirements.

User ranking

Users or teams can compare their rank to team mates or other teams. This increases the ambition of individuals or teams to compete with others and contribute even more to Confluence.

More details

AGILE ANTS Badges for Confluence is a Gamification extension that encourages Confluence users to keep the flow of user interaction and content creation.

Many teams using Confluence face a decreasing motivation for creating new content and a lowering level of interaction with each other. With "Badges for Confluence" you can award users for certain activities in Confluence. Users can achieve badges with different levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and can compete with team mates.

You can easily analyze the most/least popular activities in Confluence. Based on that you can set up challenges that target on certain activities and/or in a given period of time. Bring your content back to life.


  • Support for "Questions for Confluence", thus allowing you to reward your users for helping each other.
  • Overview over all confluence events in a easily accessable table.
  • Customize badges or create your own badges.
  • Overview over the most popular badges.

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Customize default badges or create your own badges.