GitHub webhooks for Fisheye

for Fisheye/Crucible Server 4.7.0 - 4.8.15
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Integration with GitHub webhooks for Atlassian Fisheye

Repository polling for instances with large number of repositories is inefficient and resource-hungry. GitHub webhooks for Fisheye offers a lightweight and easy way to scan GitHub hosted repositories without constant polling.

To integrate Fisheye with GitHub install this app, then go to Admin/GitHub webhooks and create a new webhook.

In a separate browser window open your GitHub and navigate to repository settings (or organization settings if you prefer to have one webhook for all the repositories in your organization). Select webhooks and add a new webhook. Now, fill the form as follows:

  • Payload URL - copy url from Fisheye;
  • Content type - select application/json;
  • Secret - copy secret from Fisheye;
  • Which events would you like to trigger this webhook? - select "Just the push event."

Now Fisheye will update the repository automatically on every push, so you can disable polling (Admin/Repositories/view/updates).

Have a look also on GitHub docs on webhooks and Community Support.

Privacy and security

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‚ÄčEvery GitHub webhook has a name, unique url and a secret. GitHub uses secrets to authenticate to Fisheye. Press the button Add on the right to create a new GitHub webhook.