Chart.js for Confluence

by Lewe
for Confluence Server 6.8.0 - 7.12.3 and more
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Put animated Chart.js charts on your Confluence page

Put animated Chart.js charts on your page

Chart.js creates beautiful and animated charts. This app makes it easy to put them on your Confluence pages via macros.

Provide the numbers with a simple Confluence table

Create a simple table inside the macro body to provide the values. You can also copy a table from Excel.

Fine-tune the display with many options

Each macro provides a different set of several options related to the chart type, like borders and colors, to pimp up your chart display.

More details

This Confluence plugin uses Chart.js, licensed under MIT, and made by the great people at

The Chart.js for Confluence app provides page macros to conveniently create those charts on your page while providing the numbers with a simple Confluence table inside the macro body.

There are several options available to adjust the display to your needs.

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Bar Chart and Bubble Chart display