Power Scripts for Confluence

for Confluence Server 6.6.4 - 7.13.0, Confluence Data Center 6.6.4 - 7.13.0 and more
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Automate and Customize Confluence with custom macros from Power Script SIL® routines. Enjoy Confluence integration with Jira

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Create actions for Confluence automation

Automate labels in bulk, delete old comments, modify permissions in pages in bulk. Easily clone pages and spaces to create templates.

Sync Jira and Confluence and avoid duplication

Create and update Confluence spaces and pages through Jira projects or update Jira tickets with comments from Confluence pages. Add projects and tickets in Jira and have data flow seamlessly to Confluence or vice versa.

Integrate Confluence with other SAAS products

Use our incredibly easy SIL® language, to pull customer data from ERP or sales management tools eg. Salesforce, CRM tools or CMS eg. Wordpress, Squarespace, Drupal, etc.

More details

Perfect for all Confluence admins, Power Scripts™ for Confluence enables Confluence integration with Jira so you can customize your Confluence. Script your own functionality using Simple Issue Language® (SIL®) or use our out-of-the-box functionality.

Common use cases

  • Integrate Jira and Confluence
  • Enhance Confluence administration
  • Automate repetitive tasks in Confluence
  • Expand Confluence functionality with Confluence macros and routines
  • Extend Confluence events
  • Create pages and spaces automatically based on conditions
  • Create Jira tickets and projects from Confluence based on defined conditions

Key features

  • Unlock countless opportunities by integrating your Confluence with Jira
  • Ease the life for your Confluence Admin and let them focus on more challenging tasks
  • Customize your Confluence content, boost data display
  • Don't hate - automate! Speed up your repetitive tasks by adding automation to your Confluence
  • Leverage built in examples and scripts to get started in minutes

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