Ovyka Group Auto Assigner for Jira

by Ovyka
for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 9.15.2 and more
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Auto add customer groups, easily allowing your customers to see their colleagues' tickets, based on mail domains

Issues are automatically assigned to a group

When an issue is created or updated, if the reporter belongs to a group mapping (based on its email address), the issue's group custom field's value will be automatically set to the matching group.

Assign email domains to user groups

The mappings administration allows you to select one or more email domains and assign them to a specific group. You can create as many mappings as you need.

Easily define contexts for the add-on

The administration allows you to easily define contexts (by choosing projects and issue types) in which the add-on will work, and to assing them a deidcated custom field to hold the group value.

More details

Ovyka Group Auto Assigner for Jira allows you to automatically share tickets across each requestor customer organization, without the need for Jira Service Desk.

  • The plugin fills group picker fields in Jira issues, thanks to the email domain of the issue reporter.
  • Thanks to a simple issue security configuration on your Jira projects, you can automatically share any ticket across each requestor customer organization
  • You can configure the list of customer groups and their linked domains centrally
  • Works without the need for Jira Service Desk
  • more features to come - feel free to contact Ovyka with your needs and suggestions

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