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Data-based, Actionable Insight

Real-time Agile metrics for project management

14 charts can be created in minutes, saved and easily shared with others

The real-time charts, reading data directly from Jira, created in minutes, easily shared with team and stakeholders for the rest of the project.

Clear project forecasting for stakeholders

Use your team's data to forecast the range of possible project end-dates and see how it changes over time.

Replace long-winded project updates with this far more transparent and understandable summary.

Actionable, interactive charts

Charts are actionable, users can click through to the underlying issues within Jira.

We need visuals to be more than just pretty pictures, they should enable us to explore the underlying data seamlessly.

More details

SenseAdapt provides 14 real-time visual reports that enable Agile teams to deliver more value by adopting key Agile principles of real-time, empirical, visual feedback.

Adopt a data-based coaching approach to enable teams to identify improvements and enhance psychological safety.

Engage stakeholders with more transparent, understandable and intriguing visualisations, like the burn-up ‘landing zone’ and Backlog map. This animated version of the burn-up tells the story of the project.

Actionable charts enable team members to click through to underlying issues.

We want to reclaim metrics from their often toxic association with Governance and Project Management and give them back to the team, as an important tool.

Charts provide ‘situational awareness’ for the team.

Extract value from the data your teams already have in Jira.

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