Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.16.0 - 8.9.3, Confluence Data Center 7.16.0 - 8.9.3 and more
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Work with external users in protected spaces

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Private Spaces

Effectively work with your customers, partners, and suppliers in specific extranet spaces within one Confluence instance. Collaborate more easily and in private.

Protection of User Data

Extranet space users keep to themselves – they do not have access to information about users in spaces they aren't assigned to. They do not even know that they exist.

Simple Authorization Concept

Use pre-configured roles to assign users and groups to extranet spaces. Extranet space administrators can manage their own users. You can customize permissions and roles as you need.

More details

Space Privacy lets you privately collaborate with partners, customers and other external parties using just one Confluence instance.

Confluence instances don't protect user data. Space Privacy does this with protected extranet spaces - users can only see other users who are also assigned to their extranet space.

The GDPR requires data protection by design and default. Space Privacy enables this by restricting functions (share, search, mention). You can't search for a person outside your extranet space, contact them or see their profile.

This app excludes defined internal groups from restrictions - employees can work together as usual.

Administer extranet users easily with pre-configured roles. Assign a user as a "watcher" or "commentator" without setting permissions manually, and customize roles as required.

This app transforms your Linchpin - Social Intranet into a secure social extranet.

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

Atlassian's privacy policy is not applicable to the use of this app. Please refer to the privacy policy provided by this app's partner.

Partner privacy policy



To assign a new Extranet Space Manager or Extranet User Manager for the current extranet space, you can select users or groups in the tab Admin Roles.