Look and Feel for Fisheye and Crucible

for Fisheye/Crucible Server 4.1.0 - 4.8.15 and more
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Easily customize style of your Fisheye and Crucible

Color-blind people support

You can now customize diff added and removed sections colors. No more red-green diff!

Source syntax coloring

You have 25 colors to customize headers, toolbars, links, text and syntax highlighting.

Customization UI

Easily pick your favorite colors in admin section.

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  • automatic styling based on 25 fundamental colors
  • global and per-user customizations and activation
  • admin and profile page where you can pick colors
  • customizable colors of toolbars, links, backgrounds, borders and source code
  • default dark theme provided

Data Privacy

  • application stores user name along with colour settings

Privacy and security

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Repository settins in dark theme.