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Image Paste for Fisheye/Crucible

for Fisheye/Crucible Server 4.0.0 - 4.8.15 and more
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Easily paste image from clipboard directly into the comment

Just paste it

Nothing more is needed to get your image from clipboard to your comment

Just drag it

Integration with system drag and drop capability

Just see it

Your images are embedded into the comment

More details

Paste Image plugin makes easy to embed image in crucible comment or in other fields, like objectives. On the review page, when editing a comment or objectives field, you can paste image using CMD+V or CTRL+V shortcut.

Additionally, you can drag the image file from system explorer into the browser and drop the file at comment field.

Known bugs:

1) After you paste the image the URL contains double slash '//' after the base URL. Edit the comment and remove obsolete slash to fix the image.

2) The image URL defaults to http even if Fisheye/Crucible is configured to use https. Edit the link and change to https:// in such a case.

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