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    Piwik PRO Confluence Analytics for organizations seeking to improve their staff internal communication

    Piwik PRO Confluence Analytics for organizations seeking to improve their staff internal communication

    Visitor Profile

    Site Search

    Visitor Log

    With Visitor Profile you may decide to gather detailed information about your Confluence users and their actions. Tracking activity by individuals during the selected time period is easy as pie.

    Discover keywords, phrases and the most clicked-on results.

    This is the exact place where you get real-time data on users accessing the Confluence service. Custom variables and unique Piwik IDs give you the power to identify each user and track their actions.

    More details

    Confluence provides your team with a highly functional and flexible platform for creating, discussing and organizing documents. With Confluence your team can achieve maximum transparency and excellent collaboration.

    Piwik PRO Confluence Analytics helps you penetrate further into the various usage areas of Confluence. There is no better way of quickly generating a comprehensive look at user engagement and productivity. The information you obtain from Piwik will allow you to gain a fuller understanding of how your company leverages Confluence to achieve your business objectives, so you can take steps to perform even better.

    The following actions from Confluence will be tracked after you installed the Piwik Confluence Plugin:

    • Page Tracking
    • Search Tracking
    • Downloads
    • User engagement:
      • Watch / Unwatch
      • Edit a page
      • Move a page
      • Add a page
      • Delete a page
      • Comments (add, remove, edit)
      • Like / Unlike a page
      • Favorite / Un-Favorite

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    Version 1.0.14 Confluence Server 5.6.6 - 6.5.1 Released 2017-12-05


    Bugfix Release


    A new version of the Piwik PRO Confluence Plugin was released and the following compatibility will be given with this version:

    • The Piwik PRO Confluence-plugin is compatible with Confluence 6
    • The Piwik PRO Confluence-plugin is now compatible with Piwik 3.2.0
    • SearchTerm is now tracked correctly

    Furthermore the following bugs have been fixed:

    • In the event of maintenance on the Piwik server, the Confluence-plugin is trying to send tracking request against the Piwik Server. The result is: The worker stopped working and after certain time, no further requests were sent to Piwik. A restart of the plugin was necessary. The problem was fixed and even in event of a downtime of the tracking server, the plugin will work accordingly with the newest version.
    • The HTTP-Queue size in case the Piwik server is not available was set to a maximum of 10.000 Objects to avoid memory errors
    • minor wording changes for Event Actions


    • Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    • Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.
    • Click Upload Add-ons
    • Follow instructions
    • In the menu "Piwik" will appear
    • Configure your plugin
    • You're all set! Visit Piwik and see your result

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