Piwik PRO GmbH

Piwik PRO is a company established by the creators of Piwik – the leading open-source web-analytics platform. That’s why we know the ins and outs of Piwik better than anyone else and use our expertise to deliver enterprise solutions to governments and businesses requiring full privacy compliance and 100% data ownership. We have created, implemented, and maintained a wide range of customized solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. Piwik PRO consists of Piwik core team members, resourceful administrators, highly skilled developers, creative designers, and our approachable sales, customer service, and management teams.

Add-ons by Piwik PRO GmbH

Piwik Analytics for Confluence

by Piwik PRO GmbHfor Confluence Server
This add-on isn't formally supported
Data Center
This add-on is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.

Piwik Confluence Analytics helps you penetrate further into the various usage areas of Confluence. There is no better way of quickly generating a comprehensive look at user engagement and productivity.