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Configurable resolutions per issue type based on Issue Type Resolution schemes

Manage issue type resolutions

Take full control which resolutions to show for which issue type in "Resolution" field on all screens.

Check for enabled resolutions

Project administrators can check which resolutions are enabled for issues types of a project. Issue type resolutions configured in Jira admin section are global for all projects.

Select resolutions when resolving issues

Issue type resolutions work on any screen: create issue, edit issue, workflow resolve screen including Scrum and Kanban boards.

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Issue Type Resolutions add-on enables unique resolutions per issue type. When resolving an issue of a specific type users will select resolutions from configured for this issue type options only.

For example you can configure resolutions for issue types:


  • Done
  • Won't do
  • Incomplete


  • Fixed
  • Duplicate
  • Cannot Reproduce


  • Answered
  • Not answered

Issue Type Resolutions and Project Priorities add-ons solve JRA-3821 feature request.

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Configuration of resolutions for issue type