Redgate SQL Change Automation for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 5.3 - 8.2.4 and more
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Continuous integration for your SQL Server databases. Use SQL Change Automation to build, test, sync and publish databases

Access the features of SQL Change Automation

Access the features of Redgate's SQL Change Automation tool using Bamboo

Build, test, sync and publish

Build, test, sync and publish your source-controlled databases

All the features of SQL Change Automation Build

You can use all the features and power of Redgate's SQL Chnage Automation for build.

More details

This plugin for Bamboo is an easy way to build, test, synchronize and publish databases as part of your continuous integration process.

  • Build: Build your database from a SQL Source Control scripts folder or SQL Change Automation project.
  • Test: Run tSQLt tests.
  • Sync: Deploy to a CI database.
  • Publish: Publish your database to a NuGet feed.


This add-on cannot be installed from the local Bamboo marketplace because it uses the v1 API, due to using features that are not supported in v2. To install this add-on:

1. Install Redgate's SQL Change Automation from the Toolbelt installer.

2. Stop Bamboo.

3. Download the bamboosqlci.jar file. To do this, go to the web version of the Bamboo addons marketplace ( and select Get It Now.

4. Copy the file to [Bamboo install directory]\atlassian-bamboo\WEB-INF\lib\

5. Restart Bamboo.

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