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Jira customer satisfaction surveys. Define conditions, company branding, permission handling and custom questions

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Tailor your surveys

Leave Jira's default 5 stars + one comment surveys in the past. Tailor your surveys any way you want - add HTML formatting, define trigger conditions, stylize different types of custom questions, and more!

Collect customer' feedback with versatile filters

Use configurable trigger points for your surveys like opting to send surveys for only bugs or send surveys only once per issue. Set different conditions for different projects to opmtize your data.

Gain insights with satisfaction metrics report

Get your survey results in Jira tickets directly, and see the big picture. Leverage all your Survey Feedback reports data to strategize how to best serve your customers.

More details

Surveys for Jira cloud empowers Support teams, Managers, and Team Leads to adjust business strategies as necessary with insights to their customer / user feedback and satisfaction.

Key features

  • Expand Jira cloud with multiple questions of different types, mark questions as required
  • Pick custom recipients, personalize survey emails
  • Custom conditions to trigger the surveys
  • Tailored survey settings for different projects
  • Multiple surveys inside one project
  • Survey feedback available in the Jira ticket, and in the aggregated survey feedback report

Stay tuned as we'll be adding more features in the near future. If you need any assistance or would like to request a feature - we are just one click away!

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