Variable tasks for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 9.3.0 - 9.5.4 and more
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Useful tasks to handle version variables during automated releases

Get the version of a Maven project as a variable

Define the location of the pom file, and get a new variable!

Increment by one any Bamboo variable

When doing a release, it might be useful to know what will be the next number in the sequence.

Read a file and get its content into a variable

Sometimes Maven version is not enough. Importing the content of a file generated by a previous task might be what you need.

More details

This plugin provides a set of tasks to be used to populate, read and increment Bamboo variables automatically.

It provides useful tasks to handle variables, especially version variables. They are particularly useful when doing automated releases or deployments from Bamboo.

More details can be found on the plugin's wiki.

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Configuration of the task to copy the content of a variable to another one.