Yet Another Commit Checker

for Bitbucket Server 5.2.0 - 8.19.3, Bitbucket Data Center 5.2.0 - 8.19.3 and more
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Hook to validate and block commits according to configured policies. Easily enforce Jira workflows

Enforce Workflows and High Quality Commit History

Per-project, per-repository, and global configurations allow you to enforce company best practices like requiring commit messages to match regexes, or to contain Jira issues that are in the correct status.

Highly Configurable and Customizable

Customize your error messages to teach developers about best practices. Require issues to be assigned, not closed, or in a certain project to be accepted on commit. Exclude branches from commit policies.

Configurable on a Global, Project, or Repo Level

Use a JQL query to check and enforce any field of a Jira issue, including custom fields. Rules can be inherited on a project or global basis.

More details

Enforce your workflows and maintain high quality commit history with Yet Another Commit Checker. Easily configure a variety of checks and enable them globally or for specific projects and repositories.

✅ Feature highlights:

  • Repository, project, and global configuration
  • Require commit messages to contain valid Jira issues
  • Issue JQL matcher – can require issues to be in progress, in a certain project, etc.
  • Use either as a pre-receive hook or as a merge check
  • Require committer name and email to match Bitbucket user
  • Require commit messages to match regex
  • Validate branch names
  • Customizable errors

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In merge check mode, YACC can block PRs from being merged if they're in violation of policies.