Scroll Translations for Confluence

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for Confluence Server 7.13.0 - 8.9.4, Confluence Data Center 7.13.0 - 8.9.4 and more
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Maintain multiple languages in one space, and translate content in Confluence or in external translation management systems

Manage multiple languages in one space

Manage content and documentation in multiple languages in one space. Choose between 150 different languages to globalize your content and make it available for your users.

Translate in Confluence

Translate your content directly in Confluence. Display the original language and the target language side-by-side, and translate the content at a glance.

Integrate translation management systems

Translate the content of your pages using a Translation Management System (TMS). Create an exchange file and send it to your TMS. After translation, import it into Confluence with ease.

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⚠️ Note on the future of Scroll Translations ⚠️

With Confluence Server EOL, we're shifting our development efforts away from Scroll Translations. We'll continue to maintain Scroll Translations for the foreseeable future with compatibility and security fixes. The future of translated documentation on Confluence lies with Scroll Documents, and our goal is to make it the superior solution and to enable all Scroll Translations users to migrate.


Scroll Translations helps you to manage and deliver your Confluence content to a global audience. Translate the content for the different languages directly in Confluence or integrate with common external TMS.

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain multiple languages in one space
  • Integrate with common external translation management systems
  • Use the Confluence editor to translate directly in Confluence with side-by-side display
  • Display whether each language translation is up-to-date with changes to the original

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Manage multiple languages in one space. Users can select their preferred language from the language picker to determine which one the Confluence content is displayed in.