Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 8.13.0 - 9.17.0, Jira Data Center 8.13.0 - 9.17.0 and more
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Dynamic templates, customizable signatures, and automated actions for efficient service desk teams

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Boost productivity

Create templates for predetermined responses to recurring issues.

Use dynamic macros to generate these contextual templates using issue data.

Create issues with templates

Use your Canned Responses templates in the Description Field, as well as any Text Field (multi-line) and custom field within Jira.

Organize templates into folders

Group your templates using folders. Whether you organize by time period or subject, using folders can be a huge time-saver when navigating the tool to find the right template!

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Speed up resolution times, standardize tasks, and streamline your service desk with Canned Responses Pro.

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Compose content-aware templates for comments once and spend more time actually helping customers. Share templates and give your team a productivity boost.


  • Reuse your previously composed comments.
  • Prevent mistakes in your responses.
  • Save time with automated responses.


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