Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 7.6.0 - 8.21.0, Jira Data Center 7.6.0 - 8.21.0 and more
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Dynamic templates and signatures for comments and issue descriptions with advanced permission options

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Customisable Signatures for Responses

NEW! Create and manage signatures. Use dynamic data for each user and project.

Set flexible rules – define global, per-project and personal signatures. Optionally, restrict to “Reply to customer” in JSM. Learn more

Advanced Visibility Permissions for Templates

Define visibility scopes – make templates available exactly where they are needed and nowhere else.

Create global, personal, project or group templates. Share templates between multiple projects or groups. Learn more

Macros for Dynamic Data from Issue Fields

Use macros to insert contextual data from the issue where a template is used – values of standard and custom Issue Fields and more.

Examples: $reporterName$, $issuePriority$, $currentUserName$, $global_signature$ See all

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  • Productivity – save time, clicks and keystrokes
  • Quality and consistency of communication


  • Rich text formatting – links, images, code and etc. No markup needed,
  • Content-aware Macros – for issue-specific values (also custom fields),
  • Better organization – folders, starred templates,
  • Auto-populating Signatures – customizable on three cascading levels – inherited, overridden or disabled,
  • Advanced permissions – Visibility Scopes (global, projects, groups and personal) and access restrictions,
  • Power-user features
    • Quick toolbar for one-click inserting,
    • Keyboard shortcuts,
    • Browser extension for deep integration with Jira editors,
  • Description field templates – for PMs, Scrum Masters etc.
  • Legacy Automation support - "Add canned response" action,
  • Backups – Export/Import,
  • Server to Cloud Migration – use built-in Server templates on your Cloud instance.

Suggest features – we love implementing user ideas!

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Integration Details

Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Act on a user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Write data to the host application
  • Read data from the host application


Canned Responses Pro adds an additional comment box to every Jira issue.