Gerrit Code Review for Jira

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 9.8.2 and more
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Integrates Atlassian Jira with Gerrit code review

See the Gerrit Reviews for the viewed issue

The main web panel can list reviews related to the current issue, its subtasks, or both. It can list only open/pending reviews, or include merged and abandoned reviews as well.

Use a Workflow Condition to restrict issue actions

A workflow action can be restricted based on whether there are open reviews or not. Another option is restricting the action based on the approval scores ("must have Code-Review == +2", or "must not have Verified < 0").

Use a Post-Condition to act on a review

Workflow transitions can trigger actions on all associated reviews, such as applying a vote ("--verified +1") or submitting the change ("--submit").

Privacy and security

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Gerrit Reviews tab panel