Style Your Confluence Wiki

Confluence is a powerful enterprise content collaboration tool. Standardize on Confluence to style your wiki with your organization's branding. Tailoring Confluence to the design themes of your organization is a shortcut to active engagement on your company's intranet. Here are some ways to nail it:

  • Create a gorgeous public-facing site with a wiki back-end using Confluence's powerful WSYIWYG editor
  • Move from WordPress to Confluence and theme its blogs to power your organization's inbound marketing
  • As an admin, tailor the UI of Confluence to simplify the experience for your less technical users
  • Skin and theme your wiki with your company's logo and colors from the Administration panel out of the box

Zen Foundation

Zen Foundation makes Confluence beautiful and easy. Engage non-technical users with amazing graphic design, drag-and-drop layouts, easy menus, simplified editing, drafts and publishing, and better blogging. Using Zen Foundation to style your wiki helps spread the power of wiki collaboration through your organization, and beyond.


With just a few clicks RefinedWiki Original Theme transforms the native Confluence UI. This is the perfect tool for wiki styling: brand and design Confluence, increase the adoption rate, and make it more user-friendly to non-technical users. You can categorize content, customize dashboards, and design blogs to turn your wiki into a true intranet.


Communardo Universal Theme Extensions are a new way of adding themes to Confluence. Use existing extensions or create new ones to style and expand your wiki UI. You don't need technical knowledge–any Confluence user can do simple and flexible skinning of your corporate wiki or intranet. CUTE retains themes even after updating Confluence!