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Welcome to Chili Shelf 🌶️ - Your Gateway to Enhanced Jira Experience! We are a dynamic and innovative software company specializing in Atlassian app development for both Jira and Jira Service Management. Our primary focus is on developing powerful and intuitive apps that seamlessly integrate with Jira, empowering teams to optimize their workflow and elevate their productivity to new heights 🚀🌑 At Chili Shelf We believe that work should be fun and engaging too! That's why we infuse our apps with an element of excitement and enjoyment as well as close attention to their UX. Our aim is to foster a positive and collaborative work environment, where teams can effortlessly spread information, communicate effectively, and, of course, have a little fun along the way. Discover Chili Shelf today and unlock the full potential of your Jira experience. Let us help you streamline your processes, boost your team's productivity, and create a work environment that inspires excellence and collaboration 🔥❤️


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Chili Shelf 🌶️

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