About Archimydes

Archimydes is a Code as a Service platform, backed by a community, where you can request: 1. Design to code conversion for landing/marketing pages and web apps 2. React components and plugins 3. Nodejs, Java, C#, and Python microservices The service allows you to: 1. Pay for working code and not for time spent coding 2. Focus your internal development team(s) efforts on core product and system development 3. Not worry about on-boarding, managing, and paying freelancers or consultants 4. Start for as little as a $1,000 and pay-as-you-go like any other cloud service 5. Receive deployable code in 48-72 hours Archimydes is being built by Accenture and ThoughtWorks alumni with a laser focus on code quality, velocity, and security.


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