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Planyway is a team Planner for Jira to visually manage team workload, plan sprints and track due dates. Planyway Planner lets you coordinate your project plans, share schedules with your team, and have an overview of who's doing what and when. Planyway offers Kanban and Scrum views depending on the type of project that your team use in Jira. You can use a Gantt chart or have a timeline view split by member lanes. Plan your Jira projects in days, weeks, month and even years, add milestones and track progress. This tool supports a variety of cases and suits all companies from small ones to enterprises that track their projects on Jira. Planyway planner already has 200 000+ users in 190+ countries. Big names such as Google, IBM, Apple, Netflix, TESLA, and a lot more are among our customers. With Planyway Team Planner teams optimize their plans and get things done faster.


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