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proProduktmanagement - as our name implies, product management is our profession and we gained PM experience for more than 15 years in B2B and B2C business. We are Europe's leading product management company providing a complete package on this topic, which contains of free available books, trainings with certification and software - all based on the Open Product Management Workflow™. Our vision is to simplify and professionalize the work of product managers with the help of tools and to solve the challenges resulting from the product management activities for adjacent departments. The Open Product Management Workflow™ is a method developed from practical experience that offers you a comprehensible step-by-step guide that you can immediately implement in your daily work. You receive proven tools with which you can obtain 100% market fact-based results and provide your management with reliable decision templates. With all this, you can create innovative products, improve existing products and immediately influence the success of your product.


proProduktmanagement GmbH

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