Buddybuild is the only mobile continuous integration and delivery platform that takes just minutes to set up. Stop cobbling together and maintaining disparate build, deployment, crash reporting and feedback systems. Focus on what you do best: creating apps people love!

Add-ons by buddybuild

buddybuild for Bitbucket

by buddybuildfor Bitbucket Cloud & Bitbucket Server
Supported by buddybuild

Buddybuild is a continuous integration, deployment & user feedback solution built specifically for mobile development teams. Connecting buddybuild to Bitbucket enables developers to automate building, deploying, & gathering feedback for their apps

buddybuild for HipChat

by buddybuildfor HipChat
This add-on isn't formally supported

Buddybuild’s integration with HipChat allows you to stay updated on any events within your app directly in the HipChat rooms you use. Keeping you up to date with the build status, testers’ feedback, and any crash reports for your mobile app.

buddybuild for JIRA

by buddybuildfor JIRA Cloud
This add-on isn't formally supported

With buddybuild's JIRA add-on, each piece of feedback and crash report you receive for your app in buddybuild will automatically be opened as a new issue in JIRA. Enabling you and your team to quickly triage, track and drive any issues to closure.