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JIRA Goggles is an attempt to get even more out of Atlassian JIRA in terms of Transparency, Requirements Traceability and Intuitive Structure. While other vendors of portfolio management software focus on budget, schedule and resources management JIRA Goggles focuses on establishing a shared perspective on the meaning of work elevating the WHY question to its deserved position. JIRA Goggles is based entirely on the original idea by Piotr Trojanowski (https://pl.linkedin.com/in/piotrtrojanowski). JIRA Goggles v1.0 Community Edition has been developed by a team of students of IT of Poznan Technology University in Poland. JIRA Goggles is looking for a sponsor to help us build the Professional Edition fully implementing the vision.

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Portfolio Goggles for JIRA

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Goggles for JIRA lets Business and IT share the same perspective on why & how business vision is turned into working products offering focus & alignment of efforts by ensuring Holistic Transparency, Requirement Traceability and Intuitive Structure.