Time Tracking with JIRA

14,000 teams use JIRA to track their day-to-day work–for many of those teams, managing time spent on issues is a critical business metric. Time tracking add-ons for JIRA making entering time and allocating resources a breeze.

  • Users can easily record time spent on issues and tasks without interrupting their work in JIRA
  • Take these reports and easily generate timesheets or invoices for clients
  • Visualize how your team spends time, identify bottlenecks, and reassign work in JIRA as necessary
  • Stop wasting your time figuring out legacy time tracking systems and get time-based reports in your JIRA dashboard


Whatever your drive is for time tracking, resource planning, or project management, look to Tempo for JIRA. Tempo works at all levels of your organization providing timesheets, reporting and planning capabilities, business intelligence, and more for your employees, project managers, account managers, and executives. Tempo is a seamless way to connect your business activities and accurately report on them.


ictime is a comprehensive time tracking solution for JIRA. With ictime, you can log work and access your timesheet from any screen in JIRA. Log time "from-to", add activity types and move work logs. Project managers can log work for other users and benefit from flexible reporting and billing support with teams, price lists and rounding rules.


time.ON is a simple to use and intuitive time tracker for JIRA. You can track your time directly on a JIRA dashboard. Flexible time formats, an integrated timer and the ability to track time for your coworkers makes time.ON the perfect worklog tool for any developer. It offers simple but powerful time tracking functionality at a great price.